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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Jensen has written well. Newsweekly 10th jan

Monday, January 26, 2004

Living in a dream?
“Look mate – it’s not working and it hasn't worked and it won't ever work . The Honorable Truss is just another well intentioned high priest in a long line of cringing innocent vision impaired ministers who tramp overseas hoping for a miracle. Cringeing? They continue to chant greed’s favorite word “competition” in the hope that it will please someone higher up. The idol might be a bit deaf!It never works because their faith system is the market and the application of eco-principles is too narrow.
Innocent and uninformed ? The spell shaking incantations about getting bigger and marketing better and being smarter( thats another real furphy) are still cutting us up bad in the crude and crass way that half baked blinkered non integrated ideas usually do. After decades of wishing and hoping and sprinkling, why do still do it? The evidence is against your competence in this!

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