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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Asset sales .The National Party is keener than ever to go to auction!! Anyone allowed to mention asset stripping these days ? spud sales go to NZ. maybe the press failed to make the connection that NZ NOW own some of our value adding industries and are in a good position to "advertize" just how few cents for a piece of spud /milk some folks now have to pay .
the economy is booming so they tell us. what -----in the sales of assets column ?

Yes ! Pat Mcnamara’s happy parade on ABC 774 this week made me really mad .

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What the party politicians are doing to Australia's farming families is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE... what the party politicians are doing to the Emerald citrus growing farming families is a NATIONAL DISGRACE!

Please show that you care...


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Selwyn Johnston

Tasmanian farmers want more for their produce --- News today

Unfortunately for us, when we finally say enough is enough, its too much for the audience . The public can't quite get what the fuss is about . "Don't you accept that the market rules supreme" .
Sorry we don't . Economic and ecology is a bit more complex than figures on a ledger . Otherwise why tax people to improve the environment?

No you rats may be convinced its dog eat dog in there, but out here we learn that cooperation is natures way and we cooperate, or go broke .

Sorry but we think the icecream from the quick fix of the last ten years is melting . You are buying your food from China - while you can still afford to .

Everyone is being exploited here buddy , including the earth . We locals aren't the problem ( neither are the newzealanders selling us their spuds at what is probably also below cost ) Its not bottom line mate ---its fair go mate !
The real problem is the new faith in the market -that idea thats its ok to exploit the last corner of every crop
( lucky the Jews don't take our economic "principles" too seriuosly or they would be scratching for ideas too )
Anyone who allows anyone in the world to sell the main resource at less than 2% of its final cost price has got to be doing OK . esp when their exploitation of primary industry is likely to encourage exploitation of natural resources. Bit more complex than the sweets served up by mere faith in the market . How much do we pay for the critical taste of cream in a sundae from those horrid moss minimisers, I wonder?

Monday, June 06, 2005

The Canberra grants love in - its all working so wonderfully well, except we are screwing the country and its people >

Emergency summit for vegetable growers
11:29 AEST Sat Jun 4 2005
Australia's peak vegetable growers body will hold an emergency summit this month as the national industry reaches crisis point.

AUSVEG, which represents 4,300 vegetable growers, said decisive action was needed to save the nation's $2.6 billion vegetable industry.

The announcement follows disastrous news for Tasmanian farmers, who have lost an estimated $77 million worth of pea and potato contracts in the past two weeks.

AUSVEG chairman Michael Badcock said Western Australia's cauliflower and carrot industries had also suffered major cuts.

"The situation has reached a flashpoint in Tasmania," he said.

AUSVEG board and industry representatives met with government officials in Canberra this week to discuss the plight of the industry.The summit, to be held in Melbourne on June 30 and July 31, follows a commitment from federal Agriculture Minister Warren Truss to work with the industry to resolve its issues.

AUSVEG chief executive officer Euan Laird said the situation was "absolutely desperate".

He urged the government to help farmers now, rather than waiting until a bailout package was necessary as it had with the sugar industry.

He said the advent of free trade agreements had produced an unlevel playing field for Australian farmers, who were forced to compete within strict regulations.

Country of origin labelling was also a major issue, he said.

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