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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Remove barriers to trade . Can it all be so simple? Lindsay tanner , Even George Bush and the Yes Men are joining the chorus ( that should be enough to shake the house, but it hasn't). How did we and our forefathers ignore it for so long .( theydidn't reality brought them home too) money makes money, trade makes growth . I know all these things but I prefer sustainability to cancer when it comes to growth . Unfortunatley Alan Oxley thinks cancer is a problem is someone else's backyard thereby disipating the inertia that might have moved us beyond our chairs. Its just so simple mate . its a wonder you didn't think of it before me !

The popularity of simple solutions to complex problems by politics and the media is completely understandable- they and the wealthy west want the problem to go away. Agriculture is not a subset of all modern industry.sure the pressure is on europe and USA and the west to squeeze the hell out of its peasant population ( thats what we are) but they still only pay a reasonable amount for their food so whats the deal? .
Corruption is not a deep enough target and was always the excuse of the indifferent - worst of all its now made popular by those who recognise the values issue but who once had the wisdom to see that it was the out word that stopped appropraite action - same today. Luckily Dateline (story on Malawi) talked to the people and did more than chanted the dumb old excuses and distracting doctrines of the intellectually poor

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