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Friday, February 05, 2010

Tree tragics 

just when we thought Abbott was making some sense, he chants the old chant of the tragics - that spell that solves all our environmental problems.

We know for every EXTRA tree in most of Australia there is less agriculture, but do those in the chamber ? Do they want to know ? How would they like it if their major asset was devalued by government edict ? Do they want to know that also there is a thing called biodiversity which goes beyond trees to plants in general and soils and fungae in particular ; That our soils are sometimes degraded by the return of tree cover ? Do any of them know about the extent of natural grasslands in the world and their role . Do they not know we love trees too but we don't collect them like the man fronting the psychiatrist with his collection of museum sausages . We would , like most sensible and not psychotic people prefer if the ants didn't get the lot and we had some decent conversation( instead of some careless tangent talk ) about sequestration.

I mean how targeted are all these tree tragics . Better to have a forest or ecosystem focus. A Stomata focus rather than a bolus focus for a start .
Does Abbott not know that ,like the ETS , we Rural people ARE the ones that have to pay . Its not a game .Get real and know your ecosystems dummies designwithnature.blogspot.com
Worst is they ALL keep meddling around the edges of our paddocks . A branch here , a branch there . Why don't they buy one of our paddocks!
we can hadle conservation that makes sense but not the linear kind that puts blinkers on .
Instead of spending millions meddling around the edges trying to stop us trimming what grows naturally . Permits and paperwork - a complete waste of the " hard wood " resource .I could say more sequestration harvesting and respiration - but i am out of breath and I want to know you want to know before I go any further. see link above .

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