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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Farmers must be treated as family and NOT patronised 

These days nearly every poly from all parties sings from the same simple song sheet. The economic imperative of business led everything. They do this so constantly that they don't even notice their reason for existence is being undermined.
Oh for a poly who can identify with Katter ( you don't have to agree with everything he says ) and say so.

weak weak and bleak is the love for all things efficient and exploitative like chresmatics can be.
I wonder whether any aussie poly has read anything on oikonomia this summer.

post from wearyfarmer on the punch says it well
Foreign investment has always been part of Australian agriculture but is becoming imbalanced. Here are some facts: Last year alone China purchased another 70,000 hectares of land in WA, it grows wheat which goes directly to China. It also owns a quarter of Southern Australia’s water.

Qatar now owns hundreds of thousands of hectares of blue chip irrigation country in Eastern Australia where it produces lamb which is shipped directly to Qatar. Working through Australian companies like the Wentworth Group, most sellers have no idea the buyer is a foreign sovereign fund, certainly local producers cannot compete with that.

After 26 years of so called free trade and the great millenium drought Australian farmers are reeling. Other countries are buying us out at an alarming rate - they can’t believe their luck, and our stupidity. This needs to be addressed immediately.

Try this. Check around your home for Australian owned and produced goods. You’ll probably find just one - the food in your fridge. In another 10 years you won’t even find that. Happy Year of the Australian Farmer…

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