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Monday, May 03, 2004

Just how out of touch can Canberra get?
In ecological terms, ( the olde frog and water story ) death to indutry will happen - even if the water is just warm right now .
if you heat the water up with ONLY one important imperative like the competition imperative, you don't even know your killing people when everyone adjusts to the nice warmth of something held so simply in isolation? Ecological and economic systems die if ALL the forces aren't held in tension... constantly

Great to see some talk on the ABC about these issues. SUGAR Labour /liberal
John Cleary Sunday nights
The Old cultural cringe , though , is still very evident . "What would hick country people know "( eg one caller on Katter - "he hasn't even got a passport") Well they actually observe ecosystems very closely mate !That's a very good start!

Take this simple piece of faith " Life in rural A ustralia s doesn't have a future" according to Michael Duffy .And how does he KNOW this?- "well it just is "( knowledge is belief for those who carelessly chant with the Canberra sect)
I mean they don't have to look any further, dig any deeper -

Isn't it great how labour and liberals are in such a smoochy mood over economic policy - the invisible clothes haven't looked any better for years!. http:/users.gsat.net.au/ tuf

We who study both ecosystems and economies KNOW they haven't got the big picture .......but will they listen ? oh no ; We believe what some ( of our very own cloned) academics and the multinationals tell us . All major parties in the Canberra sect trust the bookkeepers and their high priests.

"The Economy is going well according to the ledger . The new clothes of competition policy are delivering like nothing ever did before,,,, or ever will ( ottherwise we may have to wake up during our sittings!) ! AFTER ALL -THERE ARE ONLY TWO COLUMNS THAT MATTER ------AREN'T THERE ? "  When all else fails ..........try a quick fix ! Some economic  principle!

It gets worse as the chants out of Canberra are louder, more insistent, more comfortable -more fanatical http:/ourland3.tripod.com

Surely, when the major parties agree to something as complex to model as the economy , we know we're in trouble -only one view . monoculture
It makes them happy - they think they are the only ones who recognised Marxisms and the far left's heresies -
Trouble is there is no passion ; even when they are all in church during the week .
They are thinking simply - a clear danger to those who live simply and more efficiently .

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