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Friday, June 07, 2013

We will give you the money if you do what we tell you to do with it  

The referendum question and conundrum ? To reduce the States power 
Are we suppose to believe that suddenly Canberra know what they are doing or that regional bodies will suddenly look beyond their boundaries ? Are the States irrelevant or just inconvenient to this simple idea that has such appeal amongst the simple..  State power,  like democracy,  may be the most inefficient  but still the better option for a society lost between those with lots of power and those with very little .

 Some drip feeders down our end can't see their way clear to bite the hand that feeds them anyway - thats a real worry . Not only are they worried about money supply  they are worried about doing roadworks on some road lest they get fined again. Under CBDA. Read the Council notes
 So  we are asked to suspend belief while there is a possibility that " we would get more money " as Mayor Russell , Cr Crook and Mr Darren Cheeseman agree  in their simple way to get votes in Corangamite  That many would choose a simple way doesn't mean the sound amongst us should follow them .
Are we that desperate  and intimidated that we can't face the truth?  : that its our money and they have no right to tell us how we should spend it ;
The real issue behind the proposed constitutional changes is the desire for more power - at both ends. The real need in Australia is for more knowledge .
The thing I reject too is that we locals are  supposed to be the dummies in all this: As if our rural people don't know to spend a dollar wisely , they do . Any local council who supports this,  as the PM is doing ( in a 12 million one sided way ) is not in touch with the non dependant culture that keeps this country going -- serious stuff .
That they did not ditch their support  for the dependancy culture thats killing us will be their legacy -- if they don't see it soon .  Hatred for the rich never solved the problem of hate-because its the authors problem .( Martin Luther King)

If you think the Fabians know what they are doing ,  look at their record and their reputation and then if you are ever tempted again look at their totally blinkered  view of the world and how its supposed to work ( the opposite of how it worked before -look at how it just drains us -- they are no more than reactionaries after all )
Labor will not survive its last dance with the vacuous and neither should any of those who have danced on thin ice with OUR money . Labor is ,after all, NOW a movement that is now fully dependant on the public purse , pulling at  heart strings and all the very thinnest of things . Desperation  and wolf hunting best describes its failing modus operandi .

Ditch the push to make Canberra and our Local Governments even more powerful .Whats dangerous is that both parties are after more power - as if they haven't got enough now . Intellect knowledge and will maybe a bit lacking but they naver confess that.  There is no perfectly efficient way to run a democracy and those who push to do so can bring the very substance of it unstuck .A world which is learning again to celebare diversity ( in opinion and action and functionality) must resist the stupidity and quick fix that explian why these simple but dumb ideas have with those who don't think deeply or resist diversity .

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