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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You tell me mate ! 

One of the worst conversations I have ever witnessed occurred in Q&A this week. Instead of holding their tongues when suicide was mentioned , Ged Tim Tony and  offered solutions to the problems faced by rural people ( sales down to 25% of the former) 5% drop off in the demand for cattle  . As Clive rightly said a proper conversation between the cattle industry and the animal rights groups might have averted the personal and industry disasters that Ludwig,  the ABC and the Panel quick fixers could easily have been party to . Ged was told why her quick fix wouldn't work but this seldom happens . A real question answered on Q&A.  Tony interrupted with a blame issue;  "Coal seam gas and fodder drops"  are recommended by Larissa Waters." Lets do more planning" such misdirected question answering  .
In a blaze of hypocrisy , Larissa fails to get the point - those who pushed the closure did no planning . Clive Palmer was also a classic pointing out the answer - most of the audience listen more .Tim  spoke of the reason people are abandoning the major parties -- His Tim left the meeting early.  

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