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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Most of us like a bit of hearty debate, provided it's all out in the open. But when Labor beats the same old drum as the conservatives, we know we are in trouble.
With the strength of our value adding cooperatives like SPC and Bonlac being eroded as quickly as cash in our wallets, it seesm to me the Shadow Minister for Agriculture Mr O 'Connor might do more than talk up business in Geelong (GA 21/2) , Maybe he could advise us why our forefathers were more effective at adding value to ag products than the majority of polys who always seem to be chanting "business knows best" .

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Chinese manufactured milk is NOW being sold in our Supermarkets ( Safeways Gold 1 evaporated milk .... )Autralian SPC Ardmona has sold out to international Coca - Cola Amitil..... Have a look at the abundance of cheap tinned fruit from China on our supermarket shelves. Fruitgrowers days are numbered and inevitably we dairy farmers ...From Bill Brown of COlac ( in Geelong Advertiser 21st february)

Friday, February 10, 2006

FAIR - in name only . see previous posts .Nature is not black , its white . You must trust the system brothers and sisters. from CAFTA overseas
The Time is Ripe for a Fair Trade Victory - Act Now! The Bush administration says it will bring the Peru Free Trade Agreement to Congress in the coming months, and is planning to sneak Colombia and Ecuador into the deal. Predictably, the deal is worse than CAFTA. But because the political climate is more favorable, the fight to stop it will be different. We have the potential to win; it’s time to act.

The deal:

Contains no protection for core labor standards – even though Peru’s President offered to include them, and even though union leaders are assassinated at a rate of more than one per week in Colombia;

Would cost jobs at home while lowering living standards in the region and forcing many farmers to turn to coca cultivation

Would establish rules to curtail environmental protection; and

Would deny essential generic medicines to HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria patients.
Tell Congress:
Oppose the
Peru/Andean Free Trade Agreement!
The deal is worse
than CAFTA. The political climate is more favorable. Together we can stop this next NAFTA/CAFTA.

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