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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

AWB / Monopolies, Oligipolies or orderly sharemarkets? 

To the Representatives of the people,
RE Convince us you really know what you are doing

Of all the historic mistakes that Australian government will make in our generation, their innocence about level playing fields will feature amongst the most tragic in effect.

Many of our leaders confuse big business with all business, when diversity of small business is the sensitive anchor of many aspects of genuinely stable economies. The popularity of monocultural perspectives in a world of confusing symbiotic relationships is understandable , if not acceptable amongst our representatives. Once again, the greatest evil is being done in the name of the best intention.

Soory boys but Farmers do not always know what’s good for them ( I am both participant and observer in this!) – in the long term , so don’t blame the poor result on their choice – blame it on your failure to do your job and get the big picture advice and insist on the big picture view .

The case for orderly marketing of some agricultural products will remain at the core of modern industrial estates even though some simpletons in Australia still remain tempted to be idealistic and clever about what the world is not like . Governments exist to counter evil and there may not be a more precarious time for freedom than when governments do not know what evil is ( remember Chamberlain? ) Ignoring evil can include projecting evil onto others ----like maybe the AWB?.

Convince us that the media hype around the AWB corruption isn’t ALSO about destroying orderly marketing. Tuckey should be ashamed of himself. Short term gain long term pain for those who think they can compete – not with other producers or conglomerates , but the very share market itself. Who are we following here --those who can run fastest till the next corner or those who study crashes and where they occur ?

The fact that you are not hearing this from too many academics in Australia is that you have been paying them to tell you things you want to hear for too long – get some advice from overseas if you have to, but don’t be lulled into complacency by the huge dumbing down factors of the quick fix mentality now killing off even water conservators in a drought .

Finally , none of you have convinced us, or even history itself, that it will ever be otherwise . Remember Prof John Passmore’s words about your own limits , and you may be a little less fanatical about trying to do the impossible . see ABC TAPES for a copy of his brilliant BOYER Lecture series .

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