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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Government guaranteed investments pay well 

For some at least ( ABC 4 Corners on plantations this week)
It only takes blind freddie a few seconds to work out that a poly driven investment is real winner for most of us who are quicker than they are with money they don't have .

Rural people are rightly aggrieved at the feds and the states hamfisted blast into plantation territory ; political and environmental carelessness that continues to go on all around them; Polys like Thwaites Hawker, Dutton and Abetz obvoiulsy don't really believe in the senstive nature of our environment - otherwise they wouldn't have sicked the big hammers of tax policy on us . Plantations now cover up and interfere with diversity where they could and should have protected it. Imagine how much better landscape planning might have occurred if farmers like David Jenkin got the billions now lost in an oversupply of temporarily sequestered fire prone monocultures .

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