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Monday, February 25, 2008

Free us please from grand Garnaut goobledegook 

Garnauts report :This thin piece of twaddle could have been written by high school students
To quote In Australia, there is considerable potential for sequestering large amounts of carbon
through changes in land and forest management and agricultural practices. It is
important that incentives to realise this potential are in place as early as possible in the
life of the ETS. Full inclusion of agriculture and forestry could require consideration of
measures available to other trade-exposed, emissions-intensive industries.

that is GIVE US all a subsidy to do the right THING . Don't think so .
Garnaut is so light on substance and stuffed fulla bull on what a heavenly idea ETS is that i don't think even a practical person ( let alone a poly) will know what to DO wih it!
Meanwhile in the real world , garnaut uncovers yet another furphy put forward by the ignorant and myopic greens . Harvesting of native forests is good for many reasons - But NOW in a new revelation -its good because .....it NOW stops the fungae and ants from being the lead agencies in the particalr benefits conferred on them by the antilogging activists recently ! If these rush agents of mercy had looked a little deeper we would have stopped them stopping the wrong economic activities in the first place .
Garnaut must be one of first economists in history to believe that governmments can actually manage so many concrete diverse incentives to achieve so finite and emphemeral a purpose ( page 47)

Farmers watch out - the greens are not sure whether cows should pee, fart or belch and i am sure garnaut doesn't know either. GARRETTS DILEMMA
SO harvesting and using wood in buildings is a good idea, rather than letting it burn in a forest fire or be slowly returned via acid water and rotting carcasses .
Did we not know that before TODAY ?

support your children to study and apply themselves to the tough questions - rather than have them rushed through by political processes destined to hide them under carpets . Bookmark and support production ecologists

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