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Monday, October 15, 2007

3500 cows go down a week 

If our polys really knew what they were doing, they would have predicted and prepared for the demolition of rural industries . Instead they run around pathetically with offers of help after the horse has bolted -- the cash cow killed .

One of the reasons things are not getting any better ( drought is only hiding the reality) is that our wannabes often confuse technology with science . Even the Commonwealth, in its ignorance, now supports the transfer of scientists out of regions. The substantial stuff of General Praxis (supporting biodiversity ) has been discarded for tinsel town monoculture recipes concocted in canberra , cma's and cabinet tables .Say no more !
This is not good - farming is an exact science --more exacting that the technophobes of the city realise. Science too is critical to support the users sensitive use of each site .
The job of rural health and change advice has been literally left to telephone counsellors from "another country"; Surgeons with a distinctive cutting brief; The general practictioner , with his eyes on the broader picture of land health, has been banned. --
All is well , we hear,--"surgeons and engineers ---they get things done." Pity its the sensitive issue of the environment they are meddling with ! They will get their turn to get burned!

Most of the cows being killed up north ( apparently 3500 according to the ABC today ) are dairy cows --- the golden mile between Tatura and Shepparton will be no more.

Farmers, more than ever before in Victorias History , are at the mercy of the markets .
What few farmers realise is that their few friends in government (ha ha , I know - fact is they need em more than ever and the cynicsm is not helping them ) have largely gone too -
Instead of diverse solutions in good time ( mostly ) we have the quick fix joy of clear condemnation and projection.
The press and the political process of the recent present are pleased to see things change . Those who feed on the resulting generous offering of speculative get rich quick turns and twists are even more pleased.

Scientists know good murray darling land use is more about how and where, than those technologists who now, in their place, have been contracted out to handout crappily simple recipes that Earth processs prediction scientist are those who know what they are talking about on this important subject. Are they now the only hope of farmers who, alone cry out for reason - to those mere shadows of driven witchdoctor men who believe that good things only flow to the speculative winners of supply games - men who are usually "smart" enough not to own land and have families tied up in them in rural Australia.
Science should have an impact on where dairying( or any other industry) goes and stays in the long term, but with the market in charge murray darling condemned by the careless, nobody knows where all this killing will end . Tell me I am wrong.

Tell me Mr Peter Garrett - is the golden mile no longer suitable for dairying or mildura and Broken hill the place for grapes ? Have you been fair and told farmers the truth about where all this adjustment is leading ? or do you simply just not know?
Tell me Mr Malcolm Turnbull - will you pipe us a solution ?

Tell us---- any men of reason - why should we trust any of them

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